Menu Spring Offer 2021 !!

The team once again is here to help you communicate with your customers with the most targeted and efficient way, the SMS.

Take advantage of the Summer offer of and

Save 12 € on your purchase of 1.000 SMS, now only 36 € + VAT.

Save 56 € on your purchase of 5.000 SMS, now only 168 € + VAT.

Save 200 € on your purchase of 20.000 SMS, now only 600 € + VAT.

Bra makers Supply clearance sale items 300x300

You can find the Offer SMS bundle and purchase your SMS on the pricelist.

Hurry up, as the offer is valid until Friday, the 2nd of April.

Please, keep in mind that the SMS credits do not expire... You can use them when you see fit.

Thank you for choosing!


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