Menu Features offers Bulk SMS services since 2006 and supports all the capabilities of SMS technology. Below you can find a brief presentation of its basic features, which you can use to easily, quickly and efficiently plan and carry out your SMS campaigns.


SMS Dispatch

Choose the Sender Name for each SMS sending:

Depending on the needs of each campaign, you can select the name that appears as the sender of each SMS dispatch.

Send messages longer than 160 characters:

You can communicate all the important information of your campaign by sending messages longer than 160 characters (1 SMS). Now you can send SMS messages up to 1070 characters each.

Personalised SMS:

Send personalised SMS messages in order to reach each recipient personally and increase the impact of your campaign.

Scheduled SMS dispatches:

Schedule your SMS campaign and send the messages in the right moment in the future. The results will amaze you! For example, schedule the message to be sent 2 hours before the football match, at 7pm, and go to the match without having to be in the office then.

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Recipients Lists:

Save and manage your recipients lists within the platform for easy and quick SMS dispatches

Black list:

Add mobile numbers to your black list in order to avoid sending in the future messages to users that have requested to not receive SMS anymore.

SMS Text Templates:

Save the SMS texts that you use often, in order to avoid mistakes when re-typing them and speed up the sending process to a few clicks.

Full History/ Stats:

The full history of your SMS sendings and purchases remain in the platform and you can either see them or export them at any time in the future.

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