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Viber Messages follows all the new trends of messaging and brings you the new service of bulk Viber Messages.

Viber is one of the biggest ΙΜ (instant messaging) platforms in the world for communication between users and is widely used in Greece too. Now Viber has provided us with the ability to send messages users for corporate communications and marketing via Viber.


Why send Viber messages


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Low Cost

Premium communication with the users in low cost

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Rich Content

You can send more text with a picture and a link to a webpage

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Fall back to SMS

The users that are not active Viber users will receive an SMS instead



Viber message content


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The Viber messaging service offers the ability to send messages to the user with rich content and specifically:


  • Τext up to 1.000 characters, Greek and/or latin

  • Alphanumeric sender up to 20 latin characters

  • Send an image in the message following the text

  • Ιnclude a button under the image that will redirect the user to a webpage of your choice

  • After the campaign see how many users actually saw the message




How to start sending Viber messages


In order to use the Viber Messages service it is necessary to pre-register the name that you will use as a sender name for your messages and create an account. The process is free of charge and will take care of it for you.





CONTACT US to find out more about the service!!