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Contacts and Groups of contacts

Send SMS - Mass SMS - Instant SMS

Scheduled SMS - SMS repetitions


What is is a SMS tool service that undertakes SMS submissions. Is free for all web users who desire to send sms from their computer to mobile phones fast and easy

What does it take to use

You don't make any software installation. is 100% web application and executed in browser.

What is the cost of

There is no installation service cost for any application. You pay only the messages you buy. Here you can find an analytic pricelist with indicative SMS quantities and prices that corresponds to each quantity. Independently of the indicative quantities you can buy the quantity of SMS that satisfy your needs.

New user. How can i create a new account?

In first page there is a Sign Up choice.
Go to Sign Up and fill in your personal data (mobile phone and e-mail). The password will be sent to your mobile phone in few minutes.
After logging in you are ready to send or buy SMS!

How can I have support? provides consulting services and phone support. For any questions or difficulties you can contact us here.

Is there a Privacy Policy statement?

Click here to see the privacy policy

Ι forgot my password!

On first page there is a 'Forgot password' link. Follow it and you will be asked to fill in your mobile phone number or email address and the new password will be sent to your email.

What is a contact? Group of contacts?

Contacts are names and telephones you can save in the site.
You can group your contacts giving the name you desire to each group. You can also export your contacts as an excel text or csv file

How can i use my contacts?

By adding your contacts in you can send directly SMS and you don't have to add and group your contacts every time you want to send sms.

How can i upload my contacts?

In order to transport your file in just select it and map its columns to the availiable predefined fields. can read contacts from MS Excel 97-2003 and 2007, MS Word 97-2003 and 2007, OpenOffice Spreadsheet and Text Document, CSV or TXT files

How can i store the contacts i have in my handset memory?

All mobile telephone manufacturers provide applications that via Bluetooth or cables allow you to transport data from your mobile, to your computer. Afterwards you can transport these contacts in, easily and fast.

What are the Unresolved numbers?

The system is unable to recognize some numbers due to insufficient data. For example numbers with less or more digits are characterized as non recognized numbers.

What are the Partially Validated numbers; has already validated these numbers in a non exhaustive way. An exhaustive validation guarantees your contacts correctness, but it may take a long time to complete, depending on the number of contacts. It is not oblique to perform an exhaustive validation, since your contacts will be comprehensively validated before an sms sent in an automatic way. The sms will be sent only to your successfully validated contatcs.

Is it safe to store my contacts in service?

Click here to see our terms of use

What is the BLACKLIST contacts' group?

You can insert in the BLACKLIST contacts' group all the contacts which you don't want to receive SMS by you.

Which contacts are concidered inactive?

Inactive are considered contacts to which SMS delivery has failed for over a certain amount of continuous dispatches. The amount is configurable via your options.

What are the Templates?

Templates enables you to create and store messages that can be used later in a sms sent. These predefined messages can be used in any occasion you don't want to write the same text again and again. For example birthday wishes or messages about sales etc.

What are the Instant SMS?

Instant SMS enables you to send mass sms directly to recipients stored in a file, without the addition of these recipients to your contacts or the creation of any intermediary group of contacts. Instant SMS are ideal in cases where the lists of recipients change frequently.

How can i send SMS?

After logging in go to sms/contacts and press 'send sms' selection.
Type your text in the form. Fill in the sender number and press 'send sms'

To which countries/operators can i send SMS? service provides worldwide coverage. See analytically the coverage list here

How many characters can hold a SMS?

The size of your messages can be maximum 1071 characters. By typing your message in the form you can check out the character number and the number of the messages as well. The limit for 1 message is 160 characters.

What are the personalised SMS?

The personalised sms enables you to insert information about the sms recipients in the message body.

To send a personalised message just move your mouse cursor in the point you want to insert the personal information and choose one or more personalised fields from the "Fields" list in the top menu of the message area. When you choose a field, a word in the form ${Field name} is added in your message body. will replace that word automatically, durring the sms sent, with the corresponding personal information for every recipient.

For example, let's suppose you want to send the message "Happy birthday !!!" to Bob and Alise. Just move your cursor after the word birthday, choose the field "Name" from the list and your message will be change to "Happy birthday ${name} !!!". After you send that message, Bob will receive "Happy birthday Bob !!!" and Alise "Happy birthday Alise !!!".

When you send personalised sms you have to be sure that the information you want to add in the message is stored in the, otherwise the personalised field will be replaced with an empty value. For example, if you have not stored the name of Bob and Alise they will receive the message "Happy birthday !!!".

When you send personalised sms you have to be careful about the characters that will finally have your message after the replacement of personalised fields.

What is Flash SMS?

Flash sms option gives the opportunity to present your messages automatically on the recipient's mobile screen. Thus the recipient does not have to enter in inbox. Attention! Flash sms are not automatically stored in the inbox, and can be deleted by simply pushing the No button. There are a few mobile phones that do not support Flash sms. (Maximum length: 160 characters/SMS)

What is the Originator of the SMS?

Sender is the name that is presented on the receiver's mobile.
There can be used up to 11 letters (for all the networks) and up to 16 numbers (not for the greek networks). Attention! You can only use Latin characters

Can i put the name of my company as the originator?

You can assign the name of the sender. Consequently you can add as the name of the sender your name your company name or any other name you desire.

Can i have a delivery report for the sent sms?

The system saves the submissions you perform and informs you automatically for the delivery reports. You can also export the delivery reports as excel csv or text file.

What is the Interconnection Fee?

Some mobile operators worldwide issued an extra fee for traffic coming over the internet. These fees are called interconnection fees and are added to the cost of each sms. The cost of any SMS send to these countries / mobile operators is 2 sms

What is GSM SMS?

It's the simplies and most common form of SMS. Such are the SMS you usually send from your mobile. (Maximum length: 160 characters/SMS - 153 characters/SMS for concatenated SMS)

What is concatenated SMS?

If the length of the SMS exceeds 160 characters (70 in the case of UCS-2) then, automatically, it is broken into smaller piecies (even smaller than normal SMS) and add information for the mobile to reconstract it. Not all mobile devices support this feature but this is the case for older devices. Note that chargding is analog to the number of SMS that were finally sent. For instance, if submited SMS is 170 characters long then it will be send in 2 SMS, using the GSM option (or in 3 if you wish to send it using the UCS-2 option).

What is UCS-2 SMS?

It's the most advanced form of text SMS. Using this option you can send, practically, any text you wish, such as lower case Greek or other languages such as Arabic etc. Older mobile devices might not be capable to display such SMS but modern devices are. (Maximum length: 70 characters/SMS - 67 characters/SMS for concatenated SMS)

What is the delivery reports URL?

The delivery reports URL is the network address where the will automatically forwards the delivery reports of your SMS it receives. That option is usefull in case you want to receive and store the delivery reports of your SMS in your application or database.

What is the "receive old history by email" option? service enables you to see your SMS submissions that have been realized 90 days before. However, if you have activated the "email old history" option the service will send you automatically by email your SMS submissions that have been realized until 90 days before.

What is the "receive usage statistics by email" option?

Ιf you have activated the "receive usage statistics by email" option, the service will send you automatically by email your usage statistics daily or weekly or monthly.

What is the "low balance alert by email" option?

Ιf you have activated the "low balance alert by email" option, the service will send you automatically by email alerts when your balance is under the limit you have defined.

What is the "override data on contacts upload" option?

Ιf you have activated the "override data on contacts upload" option, every time you upload contacts from a file the service will examine if some contacts already exist in your contact list and will update them with the new data. If you have not activated that option the service will report that some conacts already exists but it will not update them with the new data.

Note: Durring the contacts upload you can override temporarily (only for that upload) the default option by using the correspodding option of the file contacts upload form.

What is the "push delivery reports" option?

Ιf you have activated the "push delivery reports" option, will automatically forwards the delivery reports of your SMS it receives to the URL you have defined.That option is usefull in case you want to receive and store the delivery reports of your SMS in your application or database.

What are the Scheduled sends? service provides you the possibility to schedule your future submissions. Just give the essential details to the system (date - time - message - recipients) to schedule the submissions.

What are the SMS Repetitions?

You can also schedule the repetition of the submissions you want to be performed per regularly time intervals.

How can i buy sms?

You can buy sms online easily and fast (with credit card) or by depositing the price in one of our Bank accounts.

Which credit cards are accepted?

The accepted credit cards are Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard

How secure is the online payment?

The online payment is performed by secure Bank's servers. It is used the SSL 128bit protocol (secure socket layer) that ensures the online payments.

Can i have an invoice/receipt for my purchases?

Yes, a special form is provided. You call fill in your invoice and postal details.

What is the Redeem Code?

Redeem code is a code that corresponds with SMS. It is given to the user either as an SMS refund or for promotion etc.

For how long are my sms valid?

There is no expiry date for SMS submission so you can send them whenever you want

What is Topup alert?

With topup alert you can be notified via e-mail and/or SMS every time SMSes are added to your account's balance.