The common myths about SMS marketing (Part I) shares with you the most common myths around SMS and helps your messages to be distinct and even more targeted!

 #1 It’s not trackable

In the modern entrepreneurial activities all is about payback, ROI, measurability, and trackability. is featured to track the success of your campaigns based on:
1. Response rates / offers used i.e. it can track how many customers redeem a promotional coupon,
2. Click tracking i.e. clicks through of a website directed by a URL-shortening link, such as, included in the SMS text.

#2 It’s not engaging

Of course SMS is engaging! it’s engaging because consumers have opted-in to receive the messages. Additionally,  it’s even easier for your customers to engage in two-way mobile communication that include branded pictures, videos, and audio with HTML5 pages embedded via a URL within the body of the SMS.

#3 It’s too time consuming

In today’s busy lives, people need short, sharp and to-the-point messages. A short text message comes in the perfectly compact format that customers are familiar with and tend to prefer many years now. Using configuring a modern SMS campaigns, is an as-fast-as-a-deer process.

#4 It’s invasive

SMS marketing is not invasive, at least not if it’s used responsibly. It’s important not to violate your customers’ right to privacy, to choose the appropriate time during the day and avoid repetition of the text content.

( be continued)

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