Mobile Coupon Campaigns? try it for free!

Consumers are getting more and more familiar with promotional campaigns, which reward them for their loyalty and purchases with coupons:

"You can show this coupon and win a coffee for free!"

..."Use this coupon code to get -30% discount at your next bill"

..."This coupon rewards you with 5 euros!"...

Such campaigns are proved to be even 10 times more effective, when it comes to the usage of mobile coupons! Now, you can try to promote your business via mobile coupons, as we offer your first campaign for free!  

Surveys have shown that 57% of the coupon users wouldn't have made any purchase in the first place without the coupon, while 91% of them would return back to the same store.  The coupon campaigns can show higher results, if the marketers follow the SMS marketing principles and deliver the coupons in digital - not printed- form to the consumers' smartphones! And this happens, because mobile coupons:

sms iconCan be distributed fast via a bulk SMS dispatch 

disketaicon Cannot be lost as people carry the smartphones with them all the time 

gourounaki  Can save you money, as they don't require printing expenses

reporticon  Can be easily tracked. It is easy to have automated reports with data like when and where each redemption has been 

The process of building a mobile coupon campaign is straightforward, as the coupon can just be part of the SMS body. Your customer receives the message and opens the URL, which directs to the digital coupon. As a next step, he can show it to the cashier and complete the redemption. Of course, there is the option to design coupons with a unique code, which can be redeemed only once, as long as your marketing scenario requires it. 

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Are you interested in running a mobile coupon campaign? We have the apprpriate solution that supports the whole life-cycle of the mobile coupon, from its design to its redemption. You can fill in your contact information below...


...and create your first mobile coupon campaign for free!

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