Let's see some cool uses of SMS!

In the middle of the summer, we remain optimistic and we share with you alternative ways to use the SMS for your benefit!

 SMS for extra boost

Combine the SMS with the rest of the channels you use, e.g. the web, and see your e-shop traffic increasing!

SMS alerts

Use SMS as the most direct mean of communication, when you need to inform your audience for an extraordinary meeting or a time change.

SMS authentication

Avoid the possibility of users submitting false data to your subscription service by using the SMS as authentication factor.

SMS for added value

By offering ticket confirmations, reservation numbers and updates on order status via SMS you add value to your service and your credibility!

Last but not least, do not forget to send SMS wishes for the name day of Marina, Pantelis & Ilias but also SMS offers for the upcoming summer sales!

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